Products : Modern Gabbeh

Gabbeh which means “raw”, “unclipped” or “natural” in Farsi is a variety of Persian carpet traditionally hand woven by nomads from Southwestern Iran and Pakistan. The designs of Gabbeh carpets are normally free-spirited or abstract for weavers were only given cotton for the base and dyed wool yarns.

Gabbeh which can also be spelled as “Gabbe” are usually coarse in texture and much thicker with a width of at least 2.5 cm as compared to any other carpets. Each Gabbeh carpet being made is unique for its weaver used his own emotions in making the carpet although it commonly contains rectangular objects, humans or animals, and comes in a variety of bright colors. Nowadays, Gabbeh is a popular choice for buyers for it is especially suited for modern interiors and goes well with contemporary backgrounds.